Our Team

Our dedicated team comprises of highly qualified Doctors, Botanists, Chemical & Cosmetic Engineers with years of experience. We are passionate about learning and taking our Company forward.

An empowered & motivated workforce: motivational trainings, local employment, HR welfare schemes, medical extensive trainings, other benefits.


1Research and Development

Where minds meet nature's miracles: Our R&D team is a vibrant confluence of experienced botanists, chemical engineers, cosmetologists and expert doctors. They delve into the secrets of ancient Ayurveda, translating traditional wisdom into modern formulations with the meticulousness of pharmacists and the ingenuity of cosmetics engineers. This synergy births game-changing products that redefine natural wellness.

2Ayurvedic Production

Honoring heritage, embracing precision: Our Ayurvedic production unit is a testament to time-honored practices, expertly guided by seasoned cosmetologists and pharmacists. Using hand-picked herbs, they meticulously follow traditional extraction methods while incorporating advanced quality control measures. Their dedication ensures the purity, potency, and efficacy of every Ayurvedic offering.

3Cosmetics Production

Nature's canvas, mastered by artistry: Our cosmetics production unit is a symphony of botanical brilliance and scientific precision. Skilled cosmetologists and chemical engineers orchestrate the blending of natural ingredients, adhering to the highest international hygiene and safety standards. Every product is a masterpiece, enhancing natural beauty with the gentle touch of nature.

4Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Unyielding guardians of excellence: Our QC and QA team is a formidable force, comprised of vigilant doctors, pharmacists, and cosmetologists. They employ state-of-the-art technology and rigorous testing at every stage, ensuring that only the safest, most effective products reach our customers. Their unwavering commitment to quality is our unwavering promise to you.

5Supply Chain Management with Exporting Expertise

Global wellness, delivered seamlessly: Our supply chain network is a tapestry woven with the expertise of logistics specialists and seasoned customs professionals. They navigate the complexities of international trade with finesse, ensuring our products reach you anywhere in the world, exceeding customer expectations every step of the way.

A symphony of expertise: From research to delivery, our company is a symphony of professionals dedicated to your well-being. Skilled cosmetologists, knowledgeable botanists, meticulous pharmacists, and renowned doctors come together to translate nature's bounty into products that nourish your body, uplift your spirit, and celebrate your natural beauty.

Bios of our Directors

Mr. Rahul Kale

Coming from a family that has been manufacturing cosmetics over the past 30 years, Rahul heads Sadatan Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd., an R&D laboratory and manufacturer of Ayurvedic beauty & wellness products.

Rahul was the co- founder of Iraya which was launched in 2006. Iraya brand has now been purchased by the Future Consumer Group, and the brand is being launched on a wide platform across the country. The companies exports markets include Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Mauritius, Russia and the US.

Rahul, has an MBA from HEC, Paris, and is also a partner at PLRS (Provincial Lifestyle & Retail Services) which is the franchisee for the Tanishq brand of Jewellery and operates two stores in Nagpur. The Kingsway Store was established in 2001 and the Shraddhanandpeth Store in 2012. Both stores consistently win awards at the national level for customer satisfaction and performance and have earned the trust of customers across Nagpur & Vidarbha.

He is also involved with the Chitnavis Trust, in the capacity of Trustee, which runs the Chitnavis Centre. The Trust conducts a number of charitable activities. His focus is on skill development activities especially for disadvantaged & specially abled youth. The Trust has recently launched a number of initiatives to start job-oriented and micro entrepreneurship courses.

Mr. Vilas Kale

Born in 1951 at Nagpur (Maharashtra) India, in a business Family which was socially and politically active.After completing his Masters in Commerce, he did his Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Intermediate in Cost & Works Accounting.

He joined the family business in 1969 of Automobile Dealerships, under the Provincial Automobile Group established in 1930.

He started Puma Ayurvedic Herbals Pvt. Ltd. (the predecessor of Sadatan) in 1980. He is also involved in the business of TANISHQ Jewellery Franchisee of Titan and Sadatan Ayurveda, manufacturers of Ayurvedic and Herbal wellness products.

In 1971, he joined the Jaycee Movement, JCI as a Youth Club Member, and went on to become the President Of Indian Jaycees in 1980. He was elected as International Vice President in 1981 and was assigned to Scandinavian countries. Individual development and training is his forte and he continues to be a National Trainer and conducts Training Programmes in Leadership skills.

He is Trustee of Several Charitable Trusts, Working President of The Nag Bhushan Award Foundation, member Vidarbha Tourism Promotion Society, President Friends of Tiger Country CI Trust, and Trustee of the prestigious Chitnavis Centre.

Mr. Kale is Founder Secretary of Vidarbha Economic Development Council (VED) , started in 1994 and was President from 1999---2011. VED is a NGO working for the cause of Economic Development of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra State.

His hobbies are travelling, painting, music and performing arts.

He has travelled extensively in India and visited 106 countries so far. He has published a Travelogue of his Hitch Hiking trip to Middle East & Europe in 1971.----“ It was a Happy Trusting World,Then “.